1 Year Warranty.

Free Shipping.

0% Interest payment Plans.

Unlimited Potential.


Level up your gym, with ADP Resistance Machine Range;

Rear Delt Fly


Built with care.

European grade design and production allows for the highest quality machinery, with only the best materials at use.


Durable beyond commercial use.

Built to withstand regular use in any sort of gym setting. With direct muscle targeting, partake in a workout leaving you fit and strong. 


Suited for everyone.

With a pin loaded weight stack, adjust your workout as you progress and train. 80kg stack  as standard of rust-free iron plates, covered by a protective guard.

Also with its ease in step lever adjust the starrting position to your range of motion and give yourself your own personal spotter.


Warranty & Fully Customisable

1 year free warranty keeping you covered, and if that wasn't enough then customise your machine to suit your colour scheme, free of charge.


Item specifics 

W: 850mm

L: 1300mm

H: 1810mm

Pin loaded weight: 80kg as standard. More weight can be added on request.

Rear Delt Fly - Pin Load Machine

  • Shipping for our resistance machine range is different to our current policies. Every item is produced and manufactured per order to exact specification and give you the highest quality of machinery. 

    Production and Shipping time:

    4-5 Weeks