Reach new heights, literally; Four wide base Plyosoft boxes measuring a total of 150cm.


Progressive plotmetric programming

Gradually build height for all your plyometric needs, ranging from 15cm-45cm, stack boxes or use them individually for every purpose.


Stable and secure

A flat wide base for all boxes with same length means the boxes can be stacked to create a stable surface to jump on. Velcro attachments on each part add maximum security to avoid separation during use.


Soft, soft, soft

Built from high density EVA foam covered in a smooth outer layer means that no harm will come in training with these plyo boxes.


Item Specifics:

Length: 90cm

Width: 75cm

Height: 150cm (60cm, 45cm, 30cm, 15cm)


Plyosoft Jump 4 box set (150cm)