Everyones' favourite plate, with some extra muscle. Commercial AND home use.

Sold in pairs or sets.


Extra heavy duty

Reinforced rubber built around a solid iron core, designed especially for ease of use, whether in a commercial or home setting. Long lasting and able to withstand frequent use. Protective rubber coating aids your performance and protects all flooring at the same time.


Ergonomically enhanced

50mm olympic hole suitable for all olympic bars and dumbbells. Tri grip design allows for performance of many isolation exercises and holding comfort, and the smooth core gives a smoother weight change.


Compatible for all training needs

Use in both strength, and conditioning training with weights ranging from 2.5-25kg there is something for everyone.


Item Specifics 

2.5-25kg Weight or 150/155kg sets

50mm core hole, olympic style.

Increasing size up to 25kg 450mm

SKU: ADPTRI001-00008



Olympic Rubber Tri Grip Weight Plates

Colour: Black