Expertly engineered for commercial usage and longevity. Performance tested rub er dumbbells that will excel in any gym setting.



Pinnacle of Free Weight training

Create the ultimate free weight session with these commerciall grade dumbbells. Round rubber endings with a brushed chrome centre give the dumbbell an extraordinary feel whilst being able to withstand tremendous amounts of wear and drops.


Perfect for any gym

Although a higher quality to the ADP hex dumbbells, these beauts can be used anywhere, in a high end commercial gym, to a garage workout chamber.


Exercise options

Sift your way 1000's of exercises that can be done with dumbbells. Targeting large muscle groups or exact individual muscles perfectly.


Item specifics:

2.5-50kg Pairs or Sets

Rubber endings, steel core

SKU: ADPDB101-120/ ADPDB200

Commercial Grade Round Dumbbells (Pairs)

Handle Colour: Chrome