First of its kind in the UK. Changing the glute bridge movement forever.


In a league of its own

- Fully adjustable foot plate

- Strong fully padded lift bar

- Safety clasps

- One clip entrance and exit


Built to go beyond normal limits

"Super" heavy duty to manage HUGE weights, and built to last a lfietime of lifting.


Comfort, safety, easy.

Extra thick padding on both bar and seat combined with safety clasps and self spotters make this machine safe for anyone use in a commercial setting. One clip and the bar folds out for easy access.


Item Specifics:

Safety Catches are performance tested before being finsihed manufacturing.

Height: 106cm

Width: 113cm

Length: 205cm


Warranty: 2 year with receipt.

Machine Weight is: 160 kg

Max Load is >300kg



ADP Strength Series; Glute Bridge/Hip Thrust Plate Loaded Machine

  • Seperate to our usual 1 year warranty programme. The ADP "Minotaur" comes inclusive of 2 years warranty with a valid receipt

  • At this current moment in time we are experiencing delayed lead times for this partiuclar machine  of around 20-25 business days.

    For any more info please dont hesitate to contact us here